Sunday, May 3, 2020

Omaha, Nebraska

Running Never Dies

Richard Orr (88) contacted us with a wish to participate in the Inaugural Berkshire Hathaway Invest In Yourself 5k presented by Brooks. His age wasn’t the only reason his request was unique- Orr has been in Hospice care since December and has lived beyond all of his family and friends expectations. The Invest in Yourself 5k was his opportunity to compete one last time. In 1978 Orr completed the Omaha Marathon at the age of 52 and qualified for the 83rd running of the prestigious Boston Marathon. One of his greatest life achievements was conquering heartbreak hill that year and running his best marathon in a time of 3 hours and 21 minutes! Orr is also well known in Omaha for his contribution to the Omaha Running Club.

Orr approached the finish line after being pushed in his wheel chair for the first 3 miles by his daughter Wendy. In the final home stretch with the determination of an experienced distance runner, he stood up from his wheel chair and walked the last 50 meters, crossing the finish line with tears of glory in his eyes.  Dick is an inspiration to us all through his example on Sunday… the passion of running never dies.

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